Content Marketing for Small Business

Boost your traffic, get more followers, grow your brand and reduce your ad budget with content marketing.

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Would you like more traffic? More followers? To grow your brand and reputation?

How about a lower advertising budget?

Then you need to know more about content marketing

Content marketing means using content such as articles, ebooks, video, images and audio to market your business.

But you’ll need to know how to do it the right way because without the right strategy you can invest a lot of time in content marketing but not see the results you deserve.

In this course you’ll:

  • Discover the benefits of content marketing for your business
  • Build your content marketing foundations
  • Learn how to plan, create and promote your content
  • Discover how to track your results

So join us!

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Intended Audience: small business owners, online business owners, home business owners

Course Curriculum

Welcome to the course!
Exercise files and transcripts for this course
Where to get help
Module 1 Introduction
What is content marketing?
The benefits of content marketing
Educating vs selling
Do you need a big team?
Module 2 Introduction
Your goal
Your brand voice
Your audience
Your team
Your tools
Module 3 Introduction
Gathering information
Your sales funnel
Types of content
Your editorial calendar
Quick ways to create content
Using content created by others
Module 4 introduction
Where should you put your content on your website?
Promoting on social media
Make contact with influencers
Email marketing
Guest posting
Paid advertising
Module 5 Introduction
Why measurement is so important
What should you measure?
Next steps

Helen Lindop